We’re experts in international development and marketing strategies focused on the editorial and the new media business. 

As a content provider, a decentralized team is composed of a core of specialized journalists and a network of collaborators,

who provide adaptation of content into several languages and original content production.

Our Social Media Team is focused on delivering daily news coverage.

SAM is a content agency focused on news and sports. We manage distributed newsrooms  which localize and create content in real time for the web and social meda.  We grow foreign audiences, delivering the right message at the right time,
with a basis in monetization.  Be international
and talk to the world.



Sports clubs, brands and publishers need to be international in the modern world. They generate great content and then just translate it. That’s wrong and expensive. SAM’s distributed newsroom does not translate, we adapt your content to the local language of your audience, catering to their specific needs and expectations. SAM’s services are much less expensive and much more efficient than translating.



SAM delivers a native DECENTRALIZED newsroom, made of acore team of journalists and a network of multimedia freelancersand contributors from all over the world, covering news 24/7.

- Contributors are native, located all over the world matching the main time zones with fresh and breaking news Contributor’s pieces are published after editorial check from power editors.- A supervising editor from the client is responsible for the coordination with the original site.
- A set of rules of engagement are pre-defined to guide the decentralized editorial team.
- Our journalists work on the client CMS with limited access.



SAM provides a native Social Media Team in order to manage all social accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) focused on delivering:

- Daily news coverage (100% of the production)
- Posts targeting fans at the right moment in each geography
- Live games and results (top matches of the day)



Original quality content is key to editorial success. At SAM we have created 100s of sports documentaries, 1000s of video clips, and millions of stories and now we are also producing original Podcasts and Newsletters. From long and short form to social media focused, SAM has done it all.

Play it, SAM

Podcast is on the rise and at SAM321 we produce high quality formats for major clients, engaging great talent and developing series for the most diverse audience, from emotive interviews to weekly sports round up. Play it, play it again, SAM!



The biggest challenge for a publisher, brand or sports club is making money with their content. This can be done by expanding into foreign markets and maximising the value of the foreign inventory. SAM helps clients make business from their content.

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